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 34. The administration of the whole Association is entrusted to an elected treasurer or treasurer / a by the President with his Advisory Council. And 'charge / to the exactions and revenue and the company's assets and expenses to be carried out as instructed by the President. Lasts three years and is only re-elected for another three years.

35. The Association draws economic resources for its operation or for the conduct of its activities by:

 a) voluntary contributions of patients;

 b) contributions by individuals;

 c) contributions from the State, public authorities or public institutions,

 d) contributions to international organizations;

 e) donations and bequests;

 f) reimbursement that conventions;

g) income from business or marginal production.

36. The treasurer or the treasurer shall keep the records and, together with the President and with the Advisory Council, shall prepare an annual budget and a final, which must be approved by the Assembly within three months of the end of the fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from October 1 to June 30 of each year.

37. Each house will have its treasurer or the treasurer of the local, which under the leadership of the respective Director or the relevant Director, will provide for its good performance in terms of economics and finance. The President or the President has the right to choose its own secretary / a separate / a treasurer / a. 

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